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If you are looking at this page, things may be difficult for you now, are you struggling with daily life, finding things tough, or just lost direction? I can help you explore  relationship issues, any self-sabotaging behaviours, irrational beliefs and help you replace them with more positive ways, leading to a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life. Counselling can also help you untangle any knots that may exist in your mind, by coming together in a safe space, talking openly in a non-judgemental setting, we can deal with any issues that you raise.  Rest assured I will be alongside you on this journey, at a pace that suits you.  For me building a strong and trusting relationship is at the heart of all that I do and practice.

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"Hi, I'm Angela"

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Sandy Beach

I am trained as an integrative therapist which is a combined approach that brings together different elements of other therapies.  This enables me to tailor the needs of the individual to the therapy and not therapy to the client.  The aim is to provide a personalised therapy that is suited to the needs of each individual client.

Integrative Therapy is beneficial because...

Personalised as each counsellor will bring together different techniques to treat each client’s unique issues.

Flexible as due to the large range of techniques that can be used, the therapy is open to being altered to fit both the client and the therapist.

Inclusive as the therapy brings in common factors from lots of therapies that have been deemed to work, such  as: making the therapy emotionally charged, encouraging healing in safe setting, providing a therapeutic ritual, focusing on therapeutic relationships, explanation, reinforcement, desensitisation, information sharing, client expectation and therapist empathy.

Focus on the whole of the individual. Many therapies do not consider all aspects causing the clients issue, whereas integrative uses a range of techniques to explore all parts of the client (mind, body, brain, unconscious, conscious).

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